Children ages 6-12

Children live in a state of constant curiosity and they live in the moment.

This is also how they heal.

Working with children involves creating safety and allowing them to work through issues through play or expressive arts, and also through education and talk.

Teaching coping skills, feeling identification and expression, safety skills and boundaries are very important to their healthy development.

firefly boy looks in jarfirefly two kids

Often children have physical symptoms when they do not have a language developed to understand explain the feelings going on inside of them.


I have worked with children and teens for over three years in a well respected community agency. Issues I regularly have seen include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • transitions
  • sexual abuse
  • trauma

I’ve also had the greatest privilege of raising two young people who continually challenge me as a parent and as a person. I have lived in a busy family environment and know what it is like to support children through difficult times and mental health and other challenges issues. Parents need support too!