You are the expert of your life.  This process is for you.  Through combining your strengths, expertise of yourself, and how you navigate the world together with my insights, training, and experience, a collaborative process is formed.


Light brings the capacity to examine what we keep buried.  Light brings honest reflection, new perspectives, and allows for the exposure of what lies within ourselves.  Knowledge and wisdom are born from this illumination. You may be ready to see another layer of life that lays before you and/or within you.


To be free of an issue does not always mean that the outcome you hope for becomes reality.  To be free is to be able to live in acceptace – no matter what the outcome or external reality.  Freedom is to be fully human – to experience the highs and lows that life brings, and to be open to the vast variety of experiences life brings.  To know yourself brings understanding, and an ability to be authentic in your journey.  Freedom does not take pain away, rather it allows you to remain whole and keep moving forward with more courage, wisdom, insight, and trust.



Resolve and thou art free. 

       –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow